Jamila Sabares-Klemm is a singer, dancer, actress and activist in New York City. Born in Manila, Philippines, she spent most of her childhood there and in Baltimore, MD. In Baltimore, she studied classical voice at Carver Center High School for the Arts. While at Carver, she developed a love for the stage and dreamed of becoming an artist. After graduating with a B.F.A. from the Musical Theatre Program at Pennsylvania State University, she moved to New York City to make her dream become a reality. Not long after graduating, she was cast in the First National Tour of the musical Hair where she was part of the “Black Boys” trio and understudied the lead role Sheila Franklin. Since then, she has played a variety of leading roles including the fierce role of Maureen Johnson in the musical RENT at the Bristol Riverside Theatre and most recently was seen as the vivacious Gigi in the production of Miss Saigon at Flat Rock Playhouse and in Spamalot (Lady of the Lake) at the The Farmers Alley Theatre (Michigan). Recently, Jamila played the lead role in The Artist and the Scientist in New York City at CAP21's Theatre. Currently she is starring in A Christmas Carol at McCarter Theatre Center.


The Riverside is fortunate in its female leads, casting an incandescent Jamila Sabares-Klemm as Maureen Johnson.

Gwen Shrift

Jamila Sabares-Klemm, as the newly Sapphic performance artist Maureen, is a charmer through and through.

Jonathan Elliott, Reviewer

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Jamila Sabares-Klemm is an exceptional Lady of the Lake and she blows the vocals out of the water during her Vegas sequence.

Both Lumbard and Brotebeck expressed great admiration for the singing of Jamila Sabares-Klemm, whose show-stopping number, "The Diva's Lament," directs her character's outrage at the show's writers over a lack of stage time.


Having seen “Rent” on Broadway with several casts during its 12 years, I can honestly say this ensemble is by far the very best…with stellar vocal performances from Jamila Sabares-Klemm

Montgomery News

The Riverside is fortunate in its female leads, casting an incandescent Jamila Sabares-Klemm as Maureen Johnson

Philly Burbs

Tracie Franklin as Joanne, and Jamila Sabares-Klemm as Maureen are on-again- off-again lovers.  Their strongest musical moments come during their duets.

Stage Reviews

Jamila Sabares-Klemm, as the newly Sapphic performance artist Maureen, is a charmer through and through, a flirt who cares little about the consequences of her actions until the costs become apparent. Sabares-Klemm also illustrates an interesting point of this production: in the role that made a star out of Idina Menzel (prior to “Wicked” and “Glee”), she opts to go in a completely different direction, impish and coy where Menzel was erotic and edgy. While both held the right amount of humor and humanity in their roles, finding a new interpretation that works brings a new life to this Maureen.

Another delight was Jamila Sabares-Klemm as Maureen. A difficult role to play due to a mostly unlikeable set of actions and far too few musical numbers, Sabares-Klemm truly made the most of every moment on stage. Whether it was performing the funniest "Over the Moon" I have seen, stealing the scene during "La Vie Boheme" or transforming into a vocal hurricane in her battle with Joanne in "Take Me Or Leave Me," the lady was an absolute superstar.

Then there are others — when the 15-person cast sings as an ensemble — when Zayas’ production makes the Bristol house feel twice as big. Standouts, such as Jamila Sabares-Klemm as performance artist Maureen, fiery and funny in “Over the Moon,” and Tracie Franklin’s Joanne, who sings a strong, sexy power duet with Maureen, “Take Me or Leave Me,” offer a taste of why Rent, when it’s not too reverent, still feels fresh.

Wisely, Biever cast two strong singers, Dan Gleason as George and Jamila Sabares-Klemm as Dot/Marie. He and musical director Dan Riddle were fortunate to find young, undergraduate actors capable of handling the significant vocal demands of Sondheim's score. Both delivered musical and nuanced vocal performances…Sabares-Klemm demonstrated a full, open belt counterbalanced with a lovely, light mezzo-soprano. She approached the role with a keen understanding of the psychological layers and deep subtext that Lapine and Sondheim provide.

Special mention has to be made about Jamila Sabares-Klemm who played Hope Cladwell. She has amazing charm, beauty, and a wonderful voice and could head right to Broadway in the role of "The Lady of the Lake" in "Spamalot.”

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